About me

Hello, I’m Mubin. A big welcome to you and thank you for visiting my blog! I currently work in the charity sector but have had a range of odd jobs throughout my life. I was also fortunate enough to study a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics; where my undergraduate dissertation investigated religion’s role in Russian political discourse surrounding the Syrian Intervention (2015 – present). I’m now pursuing this passion with a master’s degree in Russian studies.

You may be wondering about why I’d be writing a blog on the Silk Road. I was drawn to this aspect of Eurasian history because it offers so much to the modern day reader. The Silk Road was a precursor to globalisation; not only observing the exchange of goods and technologies, but connecting people and ideas – and certainly not too different from today’s enormous transformations made possible by the internet. Staying true to the “snippets” part of the blog’s title, I will bring you glimpses of the spectacular economies, ideations and narratives which shaped the vibrant pasts of those who traded, travelled and lived along this route.